The Centre Européen de Séjour is run by a non profit-making, voluntary organisation set up to promote tourism available to all. Our main objective is to enable everyone to go on holiday and enjoy exploring our beautiful region, by providing board and lodging at reasonable prices.

Important dates for the organisation :

This local charitable organisation was created in 2007, and since then has made determined efforts to meet fresh challenges every year.

2009 : joined the Ethic Etapes network

The establishment is a member of Ethic Etapes, a non profit-making network bringing together more than 40 accommodation facilities in France. Each centre in the network is committed to observing the terms of a Quality Charter which guarantees a level of service and comfort which meets users’ expectations.

2015 : Obtained the European Ecolabel

The Centre was granted the Ecolabel in 2015, in recognition of its active contribution to the use of sustainable energy sources, its energy and water-saving practices, waste-reduction, restriction of the use of plastic, and general improvements made in the local environment. Our team supports sustainable development both by integrating an ecological approach to daily tasks and by making our guests aware of the importance of this approach. Our mascot, Rhéa, present in all Ethic Etapes centres, helps pass the message on! You can download the press file here with reports on the renewal of our European Ecolabel in February 2018 !

End 2016 : support of project to create a free, alternative tourist map of Calais - USE-IT Calais

Our organisation has supported the team creating the collaborative USE-IT map of Calais from the very beginning of the project in October 2016. This guide to Calais, primarily intended for use by young backpackers, reveals to tourists and curious passers-by several unusual, secret details about Calais - historical anecdotes, local beliefs, customs and habits. Conceived by 6 young locals who love their town, 20,000 copies of the USE-IT map in English were printed in June 2018, with a French version issued in June 2019.

2018 : Became part of the Calais District Centre for Social and Solidarity Economy “ANIMA” and granted the ESUS label

The ANIMA structure is a community centre for meetings and discussions between active members of the social and solidarity economy in the area. Our hostel joined Anima in 2018 in order to develop and increase cooperation with the 7 other voluntary organisations involved.

2018 - 2019 : we have masses of ideas

For continually improving the service we offer and how groups, families and individuals are welcomed, in accordance with our social and solidarity principles! Examples of our projects for 2019 and 2020 include obtaining the Tourism & Handicap label and a campaign for health and well-being at work. To be continued…..!

Our values

Sustainable development, development of local economic activity, social responsibility, cooperation with other voluntary organisations, accessibility, diversity. All these values have been deeply rooted in our approach from the day the establishment opened in 1993. Any ideas or projects to suggest? We would welcome them, so please contact us!

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